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October 13th, 2012 (06:44 pm)

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Uuuuuurgh it's been forever since I posted.. I'm sorry guys, please forgive me?? 
bugs bunny crying

I should prolly warn people, once I'm into the school year I get reeeeeeally bad for posting sometimes. Still though, I'm determined to keep it up, cause I love the LJ community :D

So I suppose I should update you guys, seeing as I've started into the big bad world of college now! :) 

First off, I passed that dreaded driving test. Let me just put that out there! 

And yes, while you're probably wondering, this is going to be a very gif-fy post I think.

Anyways, so I passed my driving test and now I'm just finished my 5th week in college. It's hard to believe that I'm nearly already halfway through my first semester of college :-/ 

College is awesome, if not extremely challenging. In the first two or three weeks I was still in secondary school mode, thinking "ok, so when will I be told to go to X,Y or Z?"  As I'm sure so  many oof you know from your days of college, it can be pretty disorienting for a fresher. It was pretty scary too not really knowing anyone, cause yeah, I do have my friends there, but at the same time I don't really. My friends are all in different courses, and while I have made some new friends I still like to keep in touch with the older ones, because I love them all <3 My new friends are mostly people in my course so it's not too bad. 

As for the classes, some of them are seriously amazing. I'm studying personality in one of my modules and it's so intensive, but at the same time it's so interesting!! My brain hurts but I want to learn MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Gimme!

As for the campus, that's pretty cool too, I've finally learned my way around and don't get lost :D *happy dance*

To tell the truth though, right now I feel somewhere in  the lines of feeling kind of....... meh in college, like Im disconnected or something. I hear all my friends talking about going out and how good it is and I have no idea what they're talking about. It's almost like I'm on a different plane of reality than them and mine isn't quite merging with everyone else's quite as smoothly as I'd like it to, but it's only when I really think about it that I really notice. If that makes sense? I don't know. I'm not suffering depression like, I just don't know.

Right now I'm supposed to be writing an assignment that's due for wednesday, but I've it half written so i'm going to work on it more tomorrow and take a break right now :) Chillax like :)

In the last week I haven't really been sleeping properly because I've had a little friend visiting my room in the middle of the night. Think The Green Mile's Mr. Jingles only a little bit more........... ordinary. That's right, I have a mouse. Or had. He was caught in a trap last night :( He was tiny and adorable and completely harmless and came into my room at night looking for some food. I was terrified that he'd come into my room while I was asleep and walk on my face. (I know, it's completely irrational). While I was trying and trying to make a nice little humane trap to catch and release him into the wild, my mum was laying traps around and finally she found success. He was just there all dead and non-moving. I nearly cried when I found him. really. I was just sad :(anchorman sad 

Then my mum reported that she caught two more this morning (I was at a friend's house for the night). I don't know what to say about it. how many more are there? :( Much as they're cute, I don't want them in my room, and now my mum's laid a trap in my bedroom right behind the door (which I was unaware of and nearly walked straight into. Fun times.........

Anyways, I think that's it from me for now friends :) I must catch up with all of you now :) 


Posted by: Cristabel (orangefriday)
Posted at: October 13th, 2012 07:51 pm (UTC)

It's great to hear you so hungry to learn more!! One of the things I love about uni is that we get to actually choose what courses we want and know ahead of time what the course is about specifically. So I don't often get stuck with a course I have no interest in and must space through the term with (but I have once but that was my fault for not reading the course description lol).

I was a late bloomer with the "partying" aspect of social life too. I think it's only been this year and I was at my second year of uni, that I was able to go experience the typical "going out with other people my age". And right now... I'm over it all ready LOL! I think I burnt my fuse too quickly and now I'm just a dead light bulb but that's okay! XD I hope you don't feel too pressure to be in the same place as your friends because definitely, don't! </p>

Aw, it's so cute that you feel sorry for mice XD There are some humane traps you can get at the stores but I bet, like my mother, you mom probably doesn't care and wants those pests out! I remember when I saw a mouse running out from under the stove and between her legs and when I told her about a minute after it disappeared, she screamed like shit and stood on a chair. *facepalm*

Posted by: cliclir (cliclir)
Posted at: October 19th, 2012 09:30 am (UTC)

Yeah, I like that about uni too - you really can know what the subjects are about before taking them on. That said though, I'm pretty miffed I kept on Sociology, cause after reading the course description I thought itd be interesting. Right now, it's pretty booooooring, and I'm procrastinating on my mid term paper due next wens :P I'll manage though, I only have to stick it another 6-8 weeks so it's not too bad :)

Haha Yeah me + parties = super awkward turtle :P I just don't fit in well at them at all.

Well she's pretty miffed about them and is talking about how they're disgusting and all. I tried tons of humane traps but none of them worked :( So far at home though we've caught about 7 of them, the only thing I'm grateful for is the fact that they're not invading my bedroom anymore....

Posted by: i. (mousewings)
Posted at: October 16th, 2012 10:52 pm (UTC)

Congratulations on the driving test.

It's lovely you were concerned about the mouse. Most people don't like them much, which is understandable as they may carry diseases. Like you, I'd want to humanely trap and release them if possible. I love mice and rats.

Posted by: cliclir (cliclir)
Posted at: October 19th, 2012 09:32 am (UTC)

thank you :D

Mice are lovely, just so small and cute :D rats thuogh, I have to admit I'm not too gone on them. I just always associate them with being dirty :( So far though we've caught 7 mice around our house,so I think mum's reluctant to humanely catch them - she'd see it as a waste of time... :(

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