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They're not perfect, but I digress

March 22nd, 2013 (08:32 pm)

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hey guys!!


finally got around to painting my nails again...


and this is the result!!

I had to do Pokeballs. I mean, really. I am a massive pokemon fan after all. to the point that I bought a 3ds specifically to prepare for the release of Pokemon X and Y in October. I can't freaking wait!! :-D


I also have this in my box from awhile back:

cause Mario mushrooms for the win!! :-D

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(no subject)

October 13th, 2012 (06:44 pm)

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Uuuuuurgh it's been forever since I posted.. I'm sorry guys, please forgive me?? 
bugs bunny crying

I should prolly warn people, once I'm into the school year I get reeeeeeally bad for posting sometimes. Still though, I'm determined to keep it up, cause I love the LJ community :D

So I suppose I should update you guys, seeing as I've started into the big bad world of college now! :) 

First off, I passed that dreaded driving test. Let me just put that out there! 

And yes, while you're probably wondering, this is going to be a very gif-fy post I think.

Anyways, so I passed my driving test and now I'm just finished my 5th week in college. It's hard to believe that I'm nearly already halfway through my first semester of college :-/ 

College is awesome, if not extremely challenging. In the first two or three weeks I was still in secondary school mode, thinking "ok, so when will I be told to go to X,Y or Z?"  As I'm sure so  many oof you know from your days of college, it can be pretty disorienting for a fresher. It was pretty scary too not really knowing anyone, cause yeah, I do have my friends there, but at the same time I don't really. My friends are all in different courses, and while I have made some new friends I still like to keep in touch with the older ones, because I love them all <3 My new friends are mostly people in my course so it's not too bad. 

As for the classes, some of them are seriously amazing. I'm studying personality in one of my modules and it's so intensive, but at the same time it's so interesting!! My brain hurts but I want to learn MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Gimme!

As for the campus, that's pretty cool too, I've finally learned my way around and don't get lost :D *happy dance*

To tell the truth though, right now I feel somewhere in  the lines of feeling kind of....... meh in college, like Im disconnected or something. I hear all my friends talking about going out and how good it is and I have no idea what they're talking about. It's almost like I'm on a different plane of reality than them and mine isn't quite merging with everyone else's quite as smoothly as I'd like it to, but it's only when I really think about it that I really notice. If that makes sense? I don't know. I'm not suffering depression like, I just don't know.

Right now I'm supposed to be writing an assignment that's due for wednesday, but I've it half written so i'm going to work on it more tomorrow and take a break right now :) Chillax like :)

In the last week I haven't really been sleeping properly because I've had a little friend visiting my room in the middle of the night. Think The Green Mile's Mr. Jingles only a little bit more........... ordinary. That's right, I have a mouse. Or had. He was caught in a trap last night :( He was tiny and adorable and completely harmless and came into my room at night looking for some food. I was terrified that he'd come into my room while I was asleep and walk on my face. (I know, it's completely irrational). While I was trying and trying to make a nice little humane trap to catch and release him into the wild, my mum was laying traps around and finally she found success. He was just there all dead and non-moving. I nearly cried when I found him. really. I was just sad :(anchorman sad 

Then my mum reported that she caught two more this morning (I was at a friend's house for the night). I don't know what to say about it. how many more are there? :( Much as they're cute, I don't want them in my room, and now my mum's laid a trap in my bedroom right behind the door (which I was unaware of and nearly walked straight into. Fun times.........

Anyways, I think that's it from me for now friends :) I must catch up with all of you now :) 

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(no subject)

September 5th, 2012 (02:33 pm)

Another quick post to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to theguernica :D

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Tomorrow starts the Terror of Uni

September 5th, 2012 (02:02 pm)

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So, as it says in the title, tomorrow marks the start of university for me. My first ever day of third level education. From Tomorrow on I study for the epic quest of becoming a psychologist.

Oh dear. I'm downright terrified. I just can't shake some of the really irrational fears I've already spoken about them to Robert, and to my mom when she's not playing Angry Birds and tries to listen. And once or twice I've spoken to some of my friend about them too. They're irrational and completely non-mattering in the run of the world. I'm scared that I'll be the dunce in the class and completely unable to follow wtf they're lecturing me about. I'm terrified of losing all of the friends I've had over the last 6 years, or that they'll all change into people that I don't recognise. I'm afraid I've made the wrong course choice and that I'm a dope for choosing psychology. mostly, I'm afraid I won't make new friends at all, that I'll end up practically alone. I don't drink whatsoever so there goes that chance to make friends.

Once I've passed my driving test though I plan to stay up at college for a while some evenings and join clubs and societies, and I do have a lot of them :P Badminton, Boxing, TaeKwonDo, Drama, Games, Psychology and maybe some more, but I'm not sure yet. There's tons of time to decide anyway, because I won't be deciding what to join until I'm driving. Hopefully once I've my test passed (which will be the 24th September fingers crossed), I'll be epic at driving around and making friends and stuffs :D 

I've also taken the plunge and opened a photobucket account for  easy management of the pictures I want to post here, because Otherewise I've a long and stupid process to go through to post pictures.. Oh well! 

More PicturesCollapse )

Also, I've decided that I want to get to know my friends here better, and for you all to know me better too... I propose a q+a??

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(no subject)

September 3rd, 2012 (01:19 pm)

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I have typed and retyped this stupid French Toast of an entry like 4 times by now, because every time I do, something stupid happens, then I try to fix it, then I end up backing out of the post, and then when I go back in it hasn't saved a draft. Stupid Troll LJ.

Anyway, I'm posting the pictures now while I have the chance, my laptop is charging by some miracle (The adaptor works when turned a certain way and refuses to work any other way, but while it's working I'm going to roll with it! Along the line I know I'll need to replace it, but if this'll do me for the time being then fudge it, it'll do!

Anyway, onto the pictures.. A word in advance, please excuse the fact that some of the pictures may not be great, I took these using my 5 megapixel camera on my phone, because I'm so awesome I don't even own a digital camera :P

Under a cut for neatness' sakeCollapse )
 So there you go - pictures :D

Myself and Robert were rooting through pictures of us the other day and we found these little ditties: 

 Robert standing at the advertisement for "Ted" at my demand! I just had to take it cause it was awesome!!!

 And Me and Robert together.. The picture is fine but... I recognise that smile from somewhere..

My God, I have the Overly Attached Girlfriend look. Dear God. 

Actually, I don't know should I make that Dean Pic a user pic.. What do people think ?? :) I love how I have tons of Dean pics, but no sam pics.... Not that I don't love you Sam, I just prefer your brother's pics for some reason :P

Anyway.. Those images that I've missed, (fences, jungle animals and such), I will post them another time. This entry is getting rather long folks, so I think I'll leave it there.


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Epic mommy issues

September 2nd, 2012 (09:47 am)

I'm seriously sick of my mum at this stage. seriously. It's just ridiculous how much she absolutely refuses to listen to me.


Just a reminder, I'm 19, unemployed, starting college and completely dependent on her for everything I need, bar the odd bits Robert (my boyfriend) picks up for me. Robert absolutely hates her for so many reasons. In his opinion, she refuses to show him any respect whatsoever, he feels that she always has a problem anytime I want to do something and he's involved, she seems to invest no trust in me whatsoever. She's blunt, often to the point of being callous, and most of her remarks are demeaning or sarcastic, and he hates that.


Last night was Saturday. Every Saturday night I have the intention of staying over at Roberts house, because we usually only get to properly spend Sundays together. Of course, being the fucking whipped daughter I am, at 19 I'm still asking for permission to stay over at his. She was a young mother. When she was just 19 or 20, I was born. So she's constantly suspicious that I'll go over to his and come back pregnant. I've asked her to trust me and she claims she does, but every single week I get the lecture about coming back pregnant. And every single week it leaves me hurt and Robert insulted. We might be young, but we're trying to be as safe as possible if and when sex does happen. I'm organising a doctors appointment for wednesday to talk about other contraceptives.


I DON'T WANT THE PILL. I will never remember to take it every single day, and my female vanity fears it'll affect what good looks I have. Apparently the pill can cause acne and weight gain and obviously I don't want them, especially not the weight gain, I'm the perfect weight for my sparring category in tkd.


I need to talk to the doctor about it, without my mother there. She'll only make me feel selfconscious, nervous and completely stupid for being there, and I have visions of what'll happen.


I smile at the nurse and continue past, following my mother into the doctor's office. I sit in the chair as he asks what he can do for me. All eyes are on me. I shoot a glance at my mother and then the doctor armed open my mouth to speak. "She's thinking about the pill," my mother speaks for me. So apparently I'm a ventriloquist now and my mother can speak for me. When did that happen? and sheepish words from me will happen, apparently too retarded or inept to talk myself and suddenly I'm leaving the doctor's completely unsatisfied with a smug mother and a prescription I don't WANT.


She speaks for me like I'm a child. The other day I went for lunch with her. We both got soup, mine was cold. The waitress brought two glasses of water down and just as I was about to ask could I get it reheated my mother butts in and says it. and quite frankly I'm getting sick of it :-(


For college I plan to live at home and drive up. I've applied for a grant and it seems I'm entitled to get it. but apparently if I do get it, I won't get it at all. the other day she dropped a lovely little bombshell on me. "I hope you know that when the grant goes through you're giving it all to me." and of course she expects me to just say fine and hand her all of my grant money. Like, I have no problem giving her some, like if I'm entitled to 250 a month (which I'm prolly not) give her a good 50-100. Really, that's no problem, but the whole lot? Why don't you just put a collar on my neck, it'd serve the same purpose. I want to have some independence, rather than having to beg every time I want some money for something. And yes, I'm aware she had to pay for all of my college fees and buy me a car and insure it, but it seems like most people's parents did that unless there's an extraordinary situation. the car and insurance together cost 2000, and tax is only 86. I know petrol is expensive, but it won't cost me 2000 over the year. One of my friends is paying 4000 altogether for accommodation above in college. Over the year I'll still have to pay for tkd, phone credit and other little things, which I won't even be able to do because I won't see my grant money. Any time I'll want money for something I'll have to ask her, and then I get a lecture about how she has practically no money. it makes me sick.


I can't even go into what happened last night with her, because really I'm sick of it by now. I'm 19. I shouldn't have to feel like I'm a bad guy everytime I want to stay over in my boyfriend's house or need money.

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(no subject)

August 31st, 2012 (04:27 pm)

guys, can I just ask does my userpic gif come up right when you look at it? it should be Dean doing Blue Steel,  but on my phone it keeps coming up strange, as like a strange grey picture saying "I'm pretty gangster" :-\

I think this is entry number 93 :-D as in I'm almost to 100! I can't wait! :-D even though it means nothing in the way the world goes, but still! 100 entries :-D

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Found this on Tumblr

August 24th, 2012 (04:37 pm)

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Apparently I'm Flower Fox... Hana No Kitsune... kinda has a ring to it :D

canlendar 2

What are you guys??

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August 24th, 2012 (03:57 pm)

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Hey guys!

I'm still kinda floating from my awesome results last week and my acceptance to college! and the fact that my insurance has come through and I'm finally able to drive as long as a full licensed driver sits in with me! :D It's awesome because my boyfriend usually comes round in the evening and is happy to sit in and let me drive, which lets me get in as much practise as possible before my test next month, which I really need to pass for college. So I'm kinda nerve-wracked about it. Really tho, I'm really grateful that Robert actualy will sit in with me. See, his sister is at the same stage as me - a learner driver trying to get a handle on driving and she needs as much practise as possible too. but her boyfriend absolutely refuses to sit in with her on the claim that he's a bad passenger and is afraid she might crash or something. I don't know about you guys, but to me that seems extremely low. I don't mean to complain about it but it just really really has me annoyed and pretty insulted for her :/ Oh well.

And after scouring local buy n' sell websites for a few ps1 games, I finally found the number one on my list!!! I'm so freaking happy to have found it! really!! Spyro the Dragon!! That little purple dragon that everyone knows and loves!! :D :D :D Now I just need to try and pick up a few other games... 
And the List is Long!Collapse )

That list will be added to, make no mistake.

The photo thing I was doing came out pretty well, save for a few. but I have a pretty crappy excuse as to why I can't post them today.. 
A long, confusing and crappy and unbelievable excuse ...Collapse )

I'll post them as soon as I find my Tocco :)

Almost finished Game of Thrones book!!! My God, the part in the Eyrie with Lysa Arryn was just so unbelievably long and boring until that battle for Tyrion's life.. I still don't wanna spoil it for people, but all hell has broken loose in the Red Keep basically...

So that's it as far as I know guys! 

If I think of anything no doubt I'll post it soon enough.

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The Picture... meme? challenge? something?

August 16th, 2012 (12:09 am)

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Hey Guys! 

Just before I go to sleep, I want to post a notice to you guys.I wanna do a picture challenge I guess you'd call it. 

Basically, I feel like snapping and posting a few photos and posting them. More to keep my journal interesting than anything. But I want you guys to decide what My pictures will be of. You guys give me suggestions : as many as you can think of or as few as you want : and I'll post the pictures on Friday August 24th. It'd be really cool if you guys all gave some really cool suggestions! It can be anything you can think of! 

For example, mousewing suggested I take pictures of my make up collection and my favourite perfume.

But yeah. The more challenging, the better guys, cause it just makes it interesting!!! :D

Just comment with your ideas!! 


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